Adoption is a Gift: Serena’s Story

Choosing adoption was the best decision Serena has ever made though it wasn’t an easy one. It was a choice that came packaged with hope and aspiration for her birth son but also with a deep experience of grief.

Adoption is Family: Oakley’s Story

For Oakley, choosing adoption was predestined. As she recounts the story of their adoption journey, it is clear to her that everything was meant to be. Every hardship, every moment of feeling overwhelmed, every instance of pain – all were a part of a complicated, yet beautiful, course of fate.

Adoption is Hope: Tina’s Story

Tina remembers the moment she placed her child in the care of their adoptive parents. The sense of peace amidst the deep feeling of loss. She was giving up a part of herself in order to create a new future filled with more opportunity, more love, and more connection.