Adoption is HOPE

Twenty-three years ago at the age of fourteen, Tina encountered the complexities of adoption when she became pregnant in her junior year of high school.


Adoption is FAMILY

As is the case with many birthparents, they wanted their daughter to have what they didn’t have as they grew up.


Adoption is A GIFT

Choosing adoption was the best decision she has ever made though it wasn’t an easy one. It was a choice that came packaged with hope and aspiration for her birth son.


Adoption is PURPOSE

He may be thousands of miles away, but her birth son is a part of every minute of her life, which at times is difficult and at others is amazing.​


Adoption is Love

The connection was so strong between them that, to this day, the five of them meet once a month to connect with and be present for Rose as she grows.


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Adoption is many things to many people. It can be beautiful, heart-breaking, joyful, and challenging all at once. Although complex, intricate and made up of many moving parts that sometimes seem paradoxical, adoption is never shamed based. Placing a child for adoption is not “giving up.” It is not a failure. It is not rooted in weakness. On the contrary, placing a child for adoption is a decision made out of a profound love and realization that the best decision is not taking the path toward a typical family journey. Instead, the journey of adoption is defined by the strength, courage, and willingness to experience the hardship of closing some doors in order to open others.

Adoption does not lead to “less” of something. It ultimately leads to more: more happiness, more health, more opportunity, more family and more love. While many people believe that placing a child equates to a goodbye, pursuing an open adoption often means the opposite. It is a bittersweet “hello” to a future filled with more.


What is an open Adoption?

In open adoption birthparents are in control of the adoption planning through a licensed adoption agency and choose the adoptive parents. The birth and adoptive families are able to develop and nurture a relationship and maintain a connection that is right for them. The degree of communication is completely up to the birthparents, who are empowered to set the framework for what their connection with their child’s adopted family looks like. From occasional emails or video calls to regular in-person visits, the open adoption process provides flexibility and accommodation to all kinds of comfort-levels.

As open adoption becomes more common, a growing body of research shows that individuals who are placed through open adoption experience better mental health outcomes and emotional well-being than their closed or semi-closed counterparts. In the long-run, open adoption allows adoptees to embrace their roots and have a solid understanding of who they are as they traverse the adventures of growing-up.



The magic of the adoption process is that it invariably intertwines many different people who each have a unique story to tell. Open Adoption creates a new narrative for the lives of everyone it touches all the while bringing them together under one central goal: love.


Birthparents are the cornerstone of the open adoption process. By choosing love, birthparents courageously open themselves to the loss, sadness, hope and joy implicit in placing a child. As there are many situations that can lead to a birthparent deciding open adoption is the right choice, it is crucial to provide support, understanding, and warmth as they undertake their adoption journey.


The reasons why an adoptive family may choose to adopt a child are varied and can be coloured by many emotions including grief, excitement, optimism, and hope for a more complete future. In choosing to adopt a child, adoptive families embark on a path with many complicated twists and turns. Ultimately, this path leads them to a place filled with more family, more opportunity, and – importantly – more love.


At the heart of every adoptive process is the individual being adopted – they bridge together both adoptive families and birthparents in many intricate ways. Ensuring that adoptees are provided a future that is defined by permanency and stability is at the core of open adoption and is the goal of adoption agencies. Importantly, open adoption provides adoptees the opportunity to understand who they are by providing them the chance to openly connect with their story.



If you are in need of support as you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are parenting and considering other options for your child all of Alberta’s licensed agencies offer free counselling and are ready to listen and help you navigate your unique situation. 

Common questions for

Birth Parents

In Alberta, there are three private licensed adoption agencies who can counsel you on your options and support you through the process. There is no judgment and no pressure, always keeping you and your child’s best interest in mind. Should you decide to place your child for adoption, you are able to select the adoptive family and establish an open relationship with them and your child throughout that child’s lifetime.

Absolutely. Please reach out to your adoption agency to get additional support and connection at any time. Community is so critical and it is important to be able to share the highs and lows with people who ‘get it’.
Yes, they regularly collaborate to ensure that children find permanency through the most appropriate and timely route. Always keeping the best interest of the child in mind.

In Alberta, guardians are able to make an adoption plan for a direct placement with a relative, step parent, or individuals that are known to them. Please be aware that no third party (other than a licensed adoption agency) may make introductions or facilitate a private direct placement. In a private direct, the individuals involved may file their own court paperwork, or they may use the help of an adoption agency to complete the paperwork and receive counseling.

Yes, as long as you are the legal guardians (with paperwork), then you are able to consider an adoption plan for those children.



We are looking for Birth Parents to share their stories and help educate Albertans on the impact of adoption.